1. FC Köln: Is a professional happy about the Gisdol-Aus on Instagram?

Cologne –

Fans and observers of 1. FC Köln agree: The dismissal of Markus Gisdol (51) was long overdue. But what about the team? An Instagram post by Marco Höger (31) raises questions.

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  • Is the vice-captain of 1. FC Köln happy about the dismissal of Markus Gisdol?
  • Ex-FC coach had lost support

On Monday morning (April 12, 2021) Cologne’s vice-captain posted the following message: “Six more games together. Now it just goes upwards. “Translated means:” Six more games together. Now it’s only going up. “

Marco Höger’s Instagram post from Monday, April 12, 2021



It was noticeable that Höger also added the hashtag “#finally”, so “#end”. Does he shoot at ex-coach Markus Gisdol, who only had to “finally” leave after a long crisis? This discussion flared up immediately!

Marco Höger: No follow-up to Markus Gisdol

What seems like the stepping down of a player who was recently completely left out under Gisdol, Höger wants to be understood more as an announcement to his teammates: In the final spurt, everyone has to move together to stay in the league. At last.

Nevertheless: Gisdol’s support in the team had recently clearly waned, especially among the leading players. Already after the 0-5 dismantling at SC Freiburg, Höger, Timo Horn (27) and captain Jonas Hector (30) sought a conversation with sports boss Horst Heldt (51) – without Gisdol.

Timo Horn and Jonas Hector at Geißbockheim.

Here FC goalkeeper Timo Horn (left) and captain Jonas Hector come from the secret summit with sports director Horst Heldt on January 10, 2021.

The trio did not (according to Heldt) demand the expulsion of the coach at the time, but criticism was very much expressed. According to EXPRESS information, it was not the only time that the FC leaders spoke up.

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Jonas Hector avoided the coach question

Captain Hector recently missed several opportunities to support Gisdol in the relegation battle, never wanted to comment on the coach question in TV interviews.

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Gisdol, on the other hand, stood behind his troop shortly before he was kicked out, said: “I can’t blame my boys.” And: “I’m currently thinking about my team, I’m trying to console my boys. It’s not about that now. what about me. It’s about 1. FC Köln and my team. “

Now the FC professionals with Friedhelm Funkel (67) have to show that they can turn things around again!

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