1. FC Köln: This is what the new home jersey looks like

Already at the beginning of May, the GEISSBLOG reported on the new home jerseys of 1. FC Köln. On the last day of the 2021/22 financial year, the billy goats officially presented the new jersey. The new outfitter hummel is supposed to carry the tradition into the modern age.

Just in time for the official team photos and individual portraits that 1. FC Köln will take for the new season on Thursday, the billy goats have also released their home jersey. After the FC jersey, which is diagonally separated in the red and white FC colors, was leaked a month and a half ago, the design was no longer a surprise on Thursday.

The jersey selected by the FC Jersey Committee also addresses the themes of sustainability, inclusion and diversity. The FC slogan “1. FC KÖLN – NOTICEABLY DIFFERENT” can be read on the hem. The logo of the “Live as you are” campaign can also be seen there as a sign of acceptance, diversity and equality. In addition, the jersey is made from 100 percent recycled polyester.

“From the idea to the values ​​to the design – everything that goes into the new FC home shirt is consistent with the innovative and creative power that connects FC with hummel. We are very pleased that we share values ​​such as tradition, sustainability and diversity with our outfitter. Our common goal is to change the world through sport,” says FC Managing Director Philipp Türoff about the new jersey.

Allan Vad Nielsen, CEO of the new outfitter hummel, says: “We have been working towards this day for a long time and have been looking forward to it. It’s finally here, the official start of our collaboration with 1. FC Köln. When we first met the club officials, we realized that we have an extremely good brand fit and that the values ​​go well together. Against this background, we are very much looking forward to the forthcoming cooperation. We have great confidence in the future plans of 1. FC Köln and will accompany this path in the coming years with an exciting range of products for players and fans.”

The new FC home jersey is available now for EUR 79.95. The other jerseys (away, alternative and Europe) are to be presented on Friday.