1 vs 1 mode is now available in Call of Duty: Mobile »Hero Network

Call of Duty: Mobile has brought new surprises to its players, and that is They have added the 1 vs 1 mode, and also added a new map to the game, under the name of Saloon.

Of course, this new mode has been added for a limited time, and its use will only be in the same Saloon map, which being the smallest in the whole game, it will have the function of host all 1v1 and 2v2 duels.

The 1 vs 1 mode is played over three rounds, where first to reach 7 kills wins. The mode has a round system to ensure that if one player has a minimal advantage, the opposing player I can still trace the game.

Together to the above they added a new mechanic, and it is that in the first round both players can choose a weapon of their choice, but nevertheless the loser will be able to choose a weapon of choice in the second round, while the winner will receive one at random.

This was done so that players who are used to one type of weapon, can vary their arsenal.

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