1 year waiting for “Nong Um”, Umphang nurse good people never die

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life is beautiful and suddenly must disappear “Aum” Miss Punyawee Sriduangpaeng Umphang Nurse which after that accident causing her to endure physical pain and lay in bed as a sleeping beauty People across the country prayed for her recovery. Then come back to do the job that she loves

Komchadluek Online will take you back to the story An accident that took the life of “Aum” It had to change during a period of 1 year, but today she can breathe normally. insert a pacemaker Smile – hold up two fingers and practicing standing

day life changed

1. January 18, 2022 is the day in which the life of “Aum” Miss Punyawee Sriduangpaeng Umphang Nurse Had to completely change after the emergency ambulance she was on. had an accident collided with a tow truck While taking the patient from the mountain Came down to be treated at Mae Sot Hospital, Tak Province. Four people were injured, including this patient. But she was the only one in critical condition. equally dead

2. Nong Aum was taken to the helicopter. Immediately admitted to Rajavithi Hospital, Bangkok by the Sky Doctor team and Narenthon Resuscitation Center, Rajavithi Hospital. to undergo urgent surgery because it can be considered an injury from the performance of duties for patients with dedication and risk

3. Then social media share images from chat conversations.nurse carrying to talk to friends before the accident which the message says She is dedicated to her nursing duties. with a small hospital with many patients But there are only a few officers. That’s why it makes almost all Thai people in the country. Praying for her safety

Border nurses, products of Princess Mother

4. Nong Aumto study nursing in the nursing production project to improve people’s health in border provinces following in the footsteps of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Because my father works as a border patrol policeman in Umphang. used to serve in the southern border for many years This project has given the opportunity for children of police officers and border soldiers to attend school to graduate and work in remote border areas that no one wants to do.

5. Nong Aum used to tell her father that she traveled so often, she didn’t know when she would arrive at Nong’s queue..A queue in Aum’s meaning is an unexpected accident

6. Taking care of patients in hospitals is already difficult. Taking care of patients in an ambulance is even more difficult. Because the area of ​​Umphang district is a backcountry area The need for saline injection in the condition that the car is running around the curve. It takes quite a lot of skill. Plus, she often has to unbuckle her seatbelt because she is not good at taking care of patients. Nong Uum is considered one of the nurses who can do that perfectly.

Nong Aum, Mae Sot Nurse

Symptoms that only shape and collapse Finally there was a miracle.

7. While being treated at Rajavithi Hospital, the hospital has issued a book to update the symptoms ofNong Aumfrom time to time because I know well that Thai people throughout the country Please help her But most of the statements that came out There are only shapes and collapses.

8. Latest 1 year Facebook border doctor story Tell me about the symptom update.Nong Aum After a long year, the neck tube can now be removed. able to breathe normally has been inserted into a pacemaker due to slow heart rate caused by abnormalities of the brain The body is strong and most importantly, the face is as beautiful as ever. Able to move body on right side Can follow simple commands such as smiling, holding up two fingers, sitting, and practicing standing.

9. Battle ofNong AumThroughout the past 1 year, we have been in the midst of encouragement that has been passed on from people across the country. is the power for Nong Aum has returned as an angel dressed in white again

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