10 Best Public Elementary Schools in Semarang City PPDB 2022 Reference Based on the Champion’s Site

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SEMARANG – Here are the 10 best elementary schools (SD) in Semarang City based on the website.

Best here means having the highest ranking of assessments based on student achievement, teacher achievement, and school achievement at the sub-district, city, provincial, national, and international levels.

1. SD Negeri Srondol Wetan 02

The total score is 939 with details of student achievements at the sub-district level worth 337, city-level student achievements worth 401, provincial-level student achievements worth 154, national level student achievements worth 38, and international student achievements worth 66.

The city-level school festival is worth 1, the provincial-level school achievement is worth 1, and the national-level school achievement is 1.

Srondol Wetan 02 State Elementary School is located at Jalan Karangrejo Raya Number 10 Srondol Wetan, Banyumanik District, Semarang City.

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2. Ngaliyan Public Elementary School 01

The total score is 907 with details of student achievement at the sub-district level worth 114, city level student achievement worth 239, provincial level student achievement worth 167, national level student achievement worth 359, and international student achievement worth 28.

SD Negeri Ngaliyan 01 is located at Jalan Prof. Hamka Ngaliyan, Ngaliyan District, Semarang City.

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3. Pekunden State Elementary School