10 days to define the NBA playoff: madness in the West with the Lakers and Mavericks at risk of being left out

On the 9th the regular season in the NBA ends and there are ten days left of games, with the teams having five or six pending to play. On the 11th the play-in begins, the previous round where four teams from the East and another four from the West will fight for the last two playoff places. And there is much to be decided there, especially in the West.

The Lakers are at risk of being left out of the play-in, but the Mavericks have been out for a few days and their situation is critical. Irving’s arrival in February has been a fiasco and the lack of chemistry in the team is very evident. Utah Jazz and Oklahoma Thunder are still struggling to get in.

Plus, aside from the Kings’ amazing season, the Warriors’ improvement over the past month puts them in contention for fourth place with the Suns and Clippers. The court factor in the playoffs in the first round is at stake.

In the East, the leadership of the Bucks is not in danger, nor does the second place of the Celtics seem at risk. Behind will be the Sixers, Cavaliers and Knicks.

The Nets must defend their sixth position against the Miami Heat to avoid the play-in, where the Haws, the Raptors and the Bulls will be except for a debacle and a good final stretch for the Wizards.