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10 iPhone Tips Everyone Should Know [Video]

There are certain iOS tips that I think they should all know and use regularly. In this practical video we take a quick look at 10 tips and tricks for the iPhone.

Synology RT2600ac: The replacement for AirPort Extreme.

Fast switching between AirDrop and personal hotspot

Hidden behind a long press or 3D touch in the Control Center toggle area, you'll find a switch for AirDrop and Personal Hotspot. Use these control center shortcuts to save time instead of having to adjust settings for these areas in the Settings app.

iPhone Tips – Complete Solution

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Security code Autofill

Security codes are a regular part of signing in to your favorite websites, apps, and services. Security Code Auto-fill makes it even easier to use these codes by using iOS's QuickType keyboard to send codes with a single keystroke.

Trackpad mode

In trackpad mode, users can precisely move the text cursor to a precise position when editing text. It has been an integral part of 3D touch-enabled iPhones for some time, but iOS 12 has made it possible for any iOS device to use trackpad mode by long-pressing the spacebar.

Quick change between two apps

Switching between two apps is easy with the home indicator swipe gesture on iOS devices without a home button. If you're interacting with an app before you swipe right on the splash screen, you can quickly switch between the last two apps.

Move multiple apps

Although more people know that multiple apps can be moved than ever before, I still have the feeling that there are a large number of iPhone users who do not know that such a feature exists. This is one of the more useful iPhone tips in this list.

Select / deselect multiple photos

If you are in selection mode in the Photo app, you can drag your finger across multiple photos to quickly select or deselect your images.


If you're having trouble getting to the top of larger phones like the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, the accessibility setting may be helpful. Accessibility lets you drag the screen down so it's easy to reach with your thumbs.


Although most iPhone users are aware that Spotlight exists, I do not think everyone knows how much power they actually have. It can do an almost unlimited number of things, including real-time currency conversion, arithmetic, weighting, web searches, and more.

Print as PDF

Even if you do not have an AirPrint-enabled printer, you can easily print PDF using iOS printing with a simple pinch or 3D touch gesture. This is one of the iPhone tips that I use most often.

AirDrop passwords

Do you need to share a password with a friend or family member? Just long press on the password field in Settings → Passwords and Accounts and select the option AirDrop to send it wirelessly.


What's your favorite item in this list of iPhone tips? Do you have any great tips or tricks to share? Next week you can read more Apple tips everyone should know. In the comments you can get involved with your thoughts.


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