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10 questions and funny answers from the language assistant

How do you like Siri? And: Can you rap? For some questions, smart language assistants like Alexa provide sometimes funny and funny answers. In the latest edition of our weekly rankings we present you with ten funny Alexa answers.

Smart language assistants and the associated speakers are often mentioned when it comes to the technologies that are about to break through. But even though half the marketing world only dreams of Voice Commerce, the reality is different.

The sales figures for smart speakers are steadily rising. For example, Amazon announced in January 2019 that 100 million devices have now been sold with voice assistant Alexa. However, the use is limited at least to simple questions or tasks.

Ten funny Alexa answers

For example, those who have the smart assistant from Amazon at home can, in addition to the daily weather forecast, also do something for their own smile muscles. For some of the Alexa answers to your questions are really funny or strange.

In today's ranking we want to introduce you to ten funny Alexa answers. Of course there is much more. Leave a comment with your favorite.

Do you like Siri?

Let's start with a competitor from Alexa. But does she know and like Siri at all?

"I have a weakness for every artificial intelligence."

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