Vision is another character whose death is in Avenger: Infinity War was not the result of Thanos' finger snap – in fact, he died twice, and neither death was due to the cosmic mace of Mad Titan.

He died for the first time when Scarlet Witch had to destroy the thought stone in his forehead to prevent Thanos from reaching him, but the villain would immediately rewind the time and win for himself, taking him from the heroic Androids rips and kills him for the second time.

However, all of this happened after Wakandan's genius Shuri examined the vision and she learned a lot about him and Mind Stone in the process.

The big theory, then, is that Shuri – with some help from Tony Stark when he was the original creator of Vision – may somehow be able to revive vision using Wakandan technology without the need for the Mind Stone bring him back into the fight against Thanos.



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