10-year-old boy dies saving his sister from drowning in a river in the United States

A child under 10 years old died in USA
After saving his sister from drowning in South Dakota’s Big Sioux River. The accident occurred when a father and his four children were fishing.

Nicole Eufers, mother of the children, said that the turbulent waters caused three brothers to fall into the water. The father took care of two of them and Ricky Lee Sneve, the little hero, went to help his sister Chevelle.

After leaving her on the ground, where the adult and the other minors were, Ricky was swept away by the current and his remaining strength was not enough to save him: he drowned.

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“He was the type of boy who would do anything for anyone. He was intelligent, dedicated and protective,” said the father about Ricky to a local media, without specifying the ages of the other children.

The event was recorded last Saturday around 7 at night. After three hours of searching, diving teams found the body of this boy, who will be remembered as a hero by his family, especially his sister.