10 years ago: this happened on June 24

For the first time, Arsenal won the Clausura tournament.

Almost all the channels broadcast soccer that Sunday and on the 9th they kept the most interesting match, which made Arsenal the champion of the Clausura tournament. For the first time, the club founded by Julio Grondona won the title.

There were other key matches in the definition: Telefé broadcast Tigre-Independiente; America, San Lorenzo-San Martin; Public Television, All Boys-Boca; Channel 26, Banfield-Colón; Chronicle TV, Godoy Cruz-Atletico de Rafaela; CN23 Union-Students. Tigre, who avoided relegation, was runner-up.

Although the sports news obviously dominated the day, the imminence of the strike with a march that Hugo Moyano had called guaranteed attention to Luis Barrionuevo, who confirmed that the Blue and White CGT adhered to both. “We demand not only the income tax”, said the Gastronomic trade unionist. “Also 82% mobile to retirees and the debt that the government has with social works.”

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Since he was there, he criticized the president Cristina Kirchner: “She pretended to be distracted by the box. She acted distracted so as not to distribute the money that corresponds to the workers”.

Luis Barrionuevo announced that he supported Hugo Moyano and criticized Cristina Kirchner (DyN)

He spoke of some “$19,000 million that he has taken from the workers”, he specified, of which $12,000 were “funds from social works withheld” and another $3,500 million arose from how low the non-taxable minimum income tax had been. .

The bishops of the Episcopal Commission of the Pastoral Social they closed their week of meetings, around the theme “Work, dignity and social justice”, with a document that was not too harsh on the government. Although he stressed that “The real path to social inclusion is decently paid work” and that “the challenge of generating work is a priority task of the State”, nothing was said about inflation and the economic situation in general.

The media verified and reproduced a journalistic investigation on the contracts of the new printing company Ciccone, whose rescue from bankruptcy and its purchase by The Old Fund put the vice president, Amado Boudou, in trouble. According to comparisons with previous agreements for printing money, the new management, headed by Alejandro Vanderbroele, had increased the prices charged to the state. In some cases, 181%; in another 261 percent.

The President received Wen Jiabao, Prime Minister of China (Télam)
The President received Wen Jiabao, Prime Minister of China (Télam)

Perhaps because a political meeting on Sunday is unusual, Cristina Kirchner received Wen Jiabao, Prime Minister of China, with a music and dance show and a dinner at the Casa Rosada Museum. Wen had arrived in Buenos Aires the same day, during the week to discuss agreements on investments in oil and gas and the purchase of wagons and other materials for the Belgrano Cargas railroad.

The Buenos Aires radicalism it ended with the last appearances of harmony. On Friday, the Electoral Justice decided to suspend the vote in 135 districts of the province of Buenos Aires due to cross complaints between the lists that competed for a new party leadership.

In the background fight, the alfonsinistas accused Leopoldo Moreau of approaching Kirchnerism, and the leader (who today is a deputy for the official FPV Citizen Unit) accused Ricardo Alfonsín of manipulating the San Isidro registers, with the mayor Gustavo Posse. On Sunday all the leaders exposed the crisis in the media.

Paraguay received its first international conviction for the dismissal of Fernando Lugo in an express political trial: the Mercosur suspended the country. The new president, former Vice President Federico Franco, was no longer invited to the summit that would take place days later in Mendoza. Franco announced at the same time that he would not be able to attend, since he was concentrating on the needs of “organizing the house.”

Mercosur suspended Paraguay after the express political trial that dismissed Fernando Lugo

After a week of protests due to the uncertainty of the electoral results and rumors about the death of Hosni Mubarak, in Egypt the triumph of the Muslim Brotherhood was confirmed, with its candidate Mohammed Morsi. The military junta in charge of the political transition recognized the victory of the religious Islamist by 51.73% against 48.27% of his opponent, and Mubarak’s former minister, Ahmed Shafiq.

The Death of Red Ethel, hospitalized for a month for complications from a myeloma, was much lamented in the media and networks. With a half-century career as a star, actress and artistic programmer, the woman from Santiago had arrived in Buenos Aires in 1954 to work as a dancer at the Maipo theater. She toured internationally with her sister Gogó and was successful in movies from the following year through the mid-1980s.

After serving two-thirds of his sentence, Romina Tejerinaconvicted in 2005 of killing the baby she had given birth to, in an apparent psychotic break, he was paroled. Although she said that she had been raped, the alleged perpetrator, Eduardo Vargas, was dismissed after 23 days of detention. “She dragged me by the hair to the car, covered my mouth and raped me,” he had declared, without this being considered part of the judging issue.

Having served nine years in detention, two thirds of her sentence, Romina Tejerina was released on parole (NA)
Having served nine years in detention, two thirds of her sentence, Romina Tejerina was released on parole (NA)

Tejerina had hidden the pregnancy and at the time of the girl’s birth she said that she saw the face of her rapist, who had threatened her so that she would not say anything about the crime. The Chamber II of the Criminal Chamber of Jujuy sentenced her to 14 years in prison for “homicide qualified by the bond”, and the circumstances only served as a mitigating circumstance so that he did not receive life imprisonment, as the prosecution had requested.

The Spanish Fernando Alonso won in Formula 1 with Ferrari in Valencia, his home, where the European Grand Prix was held. “It is the most beautiful victory of the 29 I have in F1, ″ he said, tears streaming down his face. “This is not a good time for Spain, which is suffering from a terrible economic crisis. The people who have come to see us have made a great effort.” Also in Turismo Carretara there was a winner: Norberto Fontana, with Torino, in Misiones.

Italy defeated England on penalties, after two 0-0 halves, to advance to the European Championship semi-final with Germany, and Spain, who beat France 2-0, also advanced, and will face Portugal on Wednesday.


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Argentine bonds and shares collapsed in the US and the country risk exceeded 2,100 points
Alberto Fernández monitors the case of the plane with Iranians and there is an alert in the Government due to its international repercussion