100% Definitely Cash! How to Make Money / Ryo in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

About three weeks have passed since Like a Dragon: Ishin! slide. Fans Those who have been playing the game since the day of its release may have finished the main story, but are still stuck in phases grinding to complete the entire content end game offered in it.

Yakuza: Ishin — the original version of Like a Dragon: Ishin which was only released in Japanese back in 2014, is quite famous for its content end game in need “grinding brutal” if you want to 100% the game. And it also carries over to versioning remake which was released on March 21. (red)

However, the Like a Dragon: Ishin fan community recently came across something glitch which makes it easier for players to get money or Ryo (as Japanese currency was pre-Meiji era). Glitch-itself involves minigame cock racing gambling and can be done very easily.

For the very first stage, all you need is to have collected at least 10 Ryo to buy some tags more is at stake. When ready, here are the steps:

  1. Place your bets on all the cocks
  2. Select and press Exit Minigame but quickly select and press the Start Race menu
  3. Wait for the race to finish
  4. ???
  5. Profit

Very simple right? The money that you previously bet will of course not be used, but you will still get results from the winning chickens. Glitch This is of course also much more effective than doing saved (reload save until you win).

Following tutorial in the form of a video that hopefully further clarifies how to do it glitch the.

As can be seen from the video above, you can also gamble tags you via the Dividend List menu; Quinella, Double Exacta, Triple Exacta and Quintuple Exacta, which of course give bigger winnings than betting on just one chicken in each race.

Keep in mind, of course, that you are only given 120 seconds to place a bet. If you have collected about 80 thousand tagsthen you can simply install 300 tags in each choice of Quintuple Exacta and Triple Exacta. But your fingers have to be nimble because I myself always have dozens of seconds left before the race starts.

After you are satisfied gambling or maybe symptoms carpal tunnel syndrome has appeared, you need to go to the Gambling Den in Rakugai to exchange tags collected becomes a Platinum Plate, after that sell your Platinum Plate at the Ebisu Pawn Shop pawn shop. Specifically; 1500 tags for exchanging Platinum Plate at Gambling Den, then 3 Ryo 7500 mon for each Platinum Plate sale at Ebisu Pawn Shop.

As an additional tip, at least leave around 80 thousand tags if you want to return to gambling on chicken races and immediately bet on Quintuple Exacta and Triple Exacta.

Furthermore, when selling the forbidden Platinum Plate, you will also get a Virtue that can be exchanged back for a Platinum Plate at the Shinto Priest. For the record, you need to play up to chapter 4 first to open the Shinto Priest’s Shop and then progress the level shop-maximize it through the Virtue Exchange in the shrine.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Shinto Priest's Shop
Tukar Virtue dengan Platinum Plate (Like a Dragon: Ishin!)

Becoming filthy rich certainly isn’t the end of Like a Dragon: Ishin’s content. As previously stated, glitch this can be said to only facilitate the cost process, because you still have to collect a variety of rare materials that can only be obtained by continuing to struggle to get them equipment which is more sacred.

It is also worth remembering that collecting Troopers, especially rare ones, can be done faster by usingup to in Enlistmen, where it is necessary to spend 10 Ryo for a chance to get one rare Trooper.

At the time this article was written, glitch is also still working. So that those of you who want to get rich suddenly in Like a Dragon: Ishin with this cheat and illegal way can quickly do it before it-patch by Ryu the developer.

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