1000 euro fine for users

The Guardia di Finanza concludes a new operation against IPTV. A fine of over 1000 euros is on the way for hundreds of users.

New sting on the piracy of the Guardia di Finanza (Via Screenshot)

More and more users subscribe to IPTV. In fact, for a few euros, pirate subscriptions are available, which are able to provide as many channels as possible, including pay-per-view ones. Precisely for this reason in the last two years the Finance Police is working hard to hinder the phenomenon. These days the Green Basques have decided to intensify their investigations, with the aim of finding all the scammers.

In addition to increasing the use of this illegal service is also the use of VPN that allow not to trace the user’s IP address. In addition, these VPNs also allow you to access an unlimited catalog of video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video e Disney Plus. So let’s go see the last operation concluded this morning from Yellow Flames.

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IPTV, 240 users in the sights of the Guardia di Finanza: fines of 1000 euros

Sanctions against subscribers (via screenshot)

Law enforcement operations against subscribers do not stop IPTV. In fact, it is important for the Fiamme Gialle to fight illegal subscriptions precisely to protect the entire sports industry, lovers, i rights holders and broadcasters. For this reason, during the last weekly yellow flames have come to discover a network of 240 users. Everyone will soon have one fine of 1000 euros. In addition, other fines are also expected in the coming weeks.

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According to the law, all offenders who choose to subscribe to IPTV can incur a fine of the value of 30 thousand euros. For those who are recidivists there is also prison as a penalty, with imprisonment it can have a duration from six months to three years. Then continue the collaboration between industry and law enforcement for the fight against the criminal phenomenon that characterized the latest operations of the Finance Police.