100,000 volts: crane boom cut power line in Marsberg (NRW) – Ruhr area

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Marsberg (NRW) – Suddenly, 100,000 volts shot through the crane truck!

In a spectacular work accident in the wind farm in Marsberg-Meerhof, property damage of EUR 500,000 occurred on Saturday. People were not hurt.

A specialist company wanted to erect a wind turbine with a crane truck at around 1:50 p.m. The crane boom got into a power line. 100,000 volts shot into the earth via the cable, the boom and the crane truck. The cable broke.

Due to the force of tension, all the tires on the crane truck burst. The driver remained completely unharmed because his cab shielded him from the current. This physical principle is called the Faraday cage.

After three hours, the network operator had shut down the power line and secured the power supply by rerouting. The exact cause of the accident is still being determined.


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