101 days in intensive care and wins Covid-19

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Aafter 101 days in the Intensive Care Unit, Marcos González he said goodbye to this unit at the General Hospital of Alicante, Spain. At 63, and after a fight that seemed to have no end, the man managed to fight the disease, a victory that in Spain earned him the title of “champion of champions”.

Marcos started feeling bad on 13 March and 20 were admitted to the hospital. Three days later he was placed in the Intensive Care Unit where he stayed until this Wednesday, the day he said goodbye to the place where he spent the last 101 days, 94 of which connected to a ventilator.

The two sons of man are the ones who tell their story to the ABC.es, revealing that the father is “a fighter”. In his statements, there is no lack of words of thanks to the doctors and nurses who accompanied him.

Marcos’ struggle took place with ups and downs, having, following the infection, also suffered from heart and kidney problems, and bacterial complications. For the children, the “father” proved to be a “fighter who doesn’t give up”.

The moment he left Intensive Care was marked by a kind of stop. The moment leads his family to send a message of hope to other people who also have loved ones in Intensive Care.

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