108-year-old grandmother reveals the secret of longevity; ‘Life is not affected by any problems’

Untimely deaths due to lifestyle diseases etc. are a daily occurrence these days. Even very young people die of heart attacks or other illnesses. Now a 108-year-old British grandmother has revealed the secret of longevity. Mary Ann Clifton, 108, from Orpington, south-east London, Britain, has only one thing to say to everyone: work hard and enjoy life. They also say that they used to drink a small amount of alcohol every day during lunch.

Born in Lambeth, South London, on 16 March 1915, Clifton worked in a tailor’s shop after school. Later he joined his daughter’s printing business. Clifton met his wife for the first time when he was 12. The couple had two children, Pamela and Bernie. Today, Clifton, who goes by the nickname Rosina, has four grandchildren and 10 children, and seven children for these ten children.

The care team at Foxbridge House in the UK organized a celebratory event for Clifton, who is celebrating his 108th birthday. It was at this surprise tea party that Grandma revealed the secret to longevity. At this party, Mayor Clifton also delivered a greeting message from the British King. Stella Barnes, home manager at Foxbridge House, said Clifton was a “much-loved and well-liked” inmate.

Recently, 103-year-old Teresa, who lives in Camarillo, California, also spoke about her longevity, saying that her determination to face anything in life has gotten her this far.

Fox 11 Los Angeles reports that Teresa still visits the fitness center at least three to four times a week — and comes in full makeup and jewelry to work out.

Teresa was born in Italy and married in 1946. “Teresa’s life was aimless when she left Italy. Later they started working hard in life and moving forward with determination. On how to live a long and happy life, Teresa says, “Try to be happy. Try to think of good things – think that everything is beautiful”