11 in a row! Ostend is basketball champion again after 3rd win against Mechelen | basketball

Ostend is the best Belgian basketball team for the 11th time in a row. In the fourth game of the title final, it defeated Kangaroos Mechelen 83-91 and is therefore assured. It is the 23rd national title for Ostend, which can also become champion in the BNXT League.

  1. 10 pm 03. Ostend is champion again! The fourth game between Mechelen and Ostend was a nail biter for a long time. Ostend dived into the dressing rooms with one point lead at halftime (43-44), but when the final quarter started, it was suddenly Mechelen that gave the score: 64-63. In that fourth quarter the experience of the coastal team surfaced. Thanks to the Americans Booth III, who scored no less than 15 points in the last ten minutes, and Randolph, 4 on 4 from the free throw line, the victory and the title still went easily to Ostend: 83-91. It is the 11th title in a row for coach Dario Gjergja’s team, the 23rd in club history. For Ostend and Mechelen, the season has not yet ended after the mutual title final, because both teams still play for the overall victory in the play-offs of the BNXT League.  As the Belgian champion, Ostend ends up directly in the semi-finals, in which the opponent is not yet known. Mechelen already has to play in the quarterfinals against the winner of the duel between Groningen and Antwerp. †
  2. 22 hours 02. Kangaroos Mechelen – Filou Oostende: 83-91 (half time: 43-44). Quarters: 27-25 / 16-19 / 21-19 / 19-28 Top scorers Mechelen: Loubry (19), Stephens (18), Alston (17), Foerts (11), Palinckx (10) Top scorers Ostend: Booth III ( 26), Bratanovic (14), Van Der Vuurst De Vries (13) .
  3. 27-05-2022.
  4. 3 pm 16. Ostend takes the lead again in the title final (Journaal).

    Ostend takes the lead again in title final (Journaal)

  5. 26-05-2022.
  6. 10 pm 17. Ostend puts the finishing touches on the i. After Monday-evening’s defeat in Mechelen, Ostend has answered on the field. The defending champion was again a size too big for Kangaroos in the 3rd game of the title final: 86-69. Ostend immediately pressed the accelerator firmly for its own people. The Americans Booth and Randolph were this time on the appointment and propelled their team to a 20-point lead at halftime: 50-30. Kangaroos stepped up a gear in the 2nd half. The visitors did win the 3rd and 4th quarter with a minimal difference, but an adult Ostend did not let Mechelen get into the match. On Friday evening, Kangaroos and Ostend will face each other for the 4th time in this final, then again in Mechelen. If the visitors win, the 11th title in a row is a fact. If Mechelen can stunt again in front of its own audience, a decisive duel will follow in Ostend on Sunday. †
  7. 22 hours 16. View a report of game 3 between Ostend and Mechelen.

    View a report of game 3 between Ostend and Mechelen

  8. 10:15 pm Ostend – Mechelen 86-69 (rest: 50-30). Quarters: 26-18, 24-12, 18-20, 18-19 Top scorers Ostend: Booth 21, Randolph 18, Bratanovic 11 Top scorers Mechelen: Stephens 17, Brodeur 14, Alston 13 .
  9. 22 hours 14.
  10. 25-05-2022.
  11. 23 hours 44. Summary Kangaroos Mechelen – Ostend 84-74.

    Summary Kangaroos Mechelen – Ostend 84-74

  12. 22 hours 26.
  13. 10 p.m. 05. Kangaroos spring up. The Kangaroos from Mechelen bounced back in match 2. After the pandoering on Saturday in Ostend (103-60), they called the shots. The match in the Winketkaai ended on 84-74. After two final matches it is 1-1. Thanks to stars Loubry and Alston, Mechelen immediately put Ostend with its back against the wall. The defending champion still kept the challenger in his sights in the first half, at halftime it was 43-38, but in the third quarter the coastal team went under (27-14). The final offensive of Ostend (14-22) no longer worked. The third final match will take place on Wednesday in Ostend. The first to win three times is the Belgian champion.  †
  14. 9 p.m. 55. Mechelen – Ostend 84-74. Quarters: 26-16, 17-22, 27-14, 14-22 Top scorers Mechelen: 24 Loubry 21 Alston Jr. 18 Palinckx Top scorers Ostend: 16 Booth Lii 12 Conger 11 Troisfontaines .
  15. 9 p.m. 52.
  16. 23-05-2022.
  17. 12 noon 25. Comprehensive summary of the first final match.

    Comprehensive summary of the first final match

  18. 22-05-2022.
  19. 11 p.m. 36. We make mistakes at stupid times. That has to do with experience. I saw too little intensity with us. Fortunately, it is only 1-0 for Ostend. We don’t want to be outplayed 3 times. Monday we’re going to show a different face. Mechelen coach Kristof Michiels.
  20. 11 pm 31. We’re playing a great match. Everyone played well, but we should not celebrate too early. Ostend’s Keye van der Vuurst.
  21. 10:15 pm Ostend outclassed Mechelen in match 1. Defending champion Oostende immediately set the tone in the first game of the Belgian basketball final. It scored more than 100 points against challenger Kangaroos Mechelen: 103-60. The coastal team took the initiative from the start and forced the visitors to chase. After the first quarter, Ostend led 26-18 and at halftime the scoreboard in the Versluys Dome showed a 54-34 score in favor of the champion. Even after the break, Dario Gjergja’s team continued to dominate. It was allowed to enter the last quarter with a safe lead of 24 points (76-52). Mechelen was against the canvas and only made 8 points. Monday evening, the Kangaroos can try it in their own home. †
  22. 22 hours 10.
  23. 10 p.m. 05. Ostend – Mechelen 103-60. Quarters: 26-18, 28-16, 22-18, 27-8 Top scorers Ostend: 20 Randolph 14 Gillet 14 Conger Top scorers Mechelen: 16 Palinckx 09 Stephens 09 Loubry .
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