11 year old boy in the care of the state, found dead in the house of children. A girl who escaped from the same center he tried to kill himself

11 year old boy in the care of the state, found dead in the house of children. A girl who escaped from the same center he tried to kill himself


A boy of 11 years, found out in the Placement Centre “Our House” from Zagujeni, Caraş-Severin county, and ended his life, the child being found hanged in his room in the center of the Zagujeni.

the Boy was found dead Tuesday night, and according to some sources close to the investigation, before resorting to suicide, the boy would be a fight at the football with an older boy who would not be more desirable to mow. Judicial sources have said, however, that this case is treated very seriously, and there are suspicions that sucidul the boy’s 11-year-old had other reasons than fighting with an older boy. The case is being monitored all the more so as, in a year ago, a teenage girl away from the same foster home he tried to kill himself by throwing himself off a block of Caransebes.

In the wake of that case, the head of the department of Social of Social Assistance and Child Protection Caras – Severin, has been sanctioned by the County Council of Caras-Severin county because, although he was summoned to the County Council Caras – Severin county, under which the institution is situated, to give details on the suicide attempt of the girl, the boss of DGASPC Caraş-Severin county has not presented the report, the vice-president of the County Council Caras-Severin county, which coordinates the work of Child Protection, upon learning of ukraine, in press.

Vice president CJ Caras-Severin Ionut Popovici said that in the case of the boy who committed suicide Tuesday at Zagujeni were triggered two investigations: one criminal, the prosecutors, and one administrative. “Unfortunately the information you is correct. It is a tragedy that has affected me very much. At this time the competent bodies are doing research, what I restricts to give more information. And the County Council carries out in parallel a research and I can tell you that I will not have mercy at all towards guilty. I’ll take the toughest measures”, said the vice president of CJ Timis, Ionut Popovici.

According to sources “the Truth”, the boy who committed suicide at Zagujeni has three brothers, hospitalized in the same center. Vice president CJ Caras-Severin stated that he personally knew the dead child to Zagujeni, the boy being a very good sportsman.

the Disaster at the placement centres in Caraş-Severin county

A report of the Timis County Council has revealed serious irregularities in the placement centres subordinated to the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Caras-Severin. Control commission claims that the minors are in a placement center in Resita had in several cases pediculosis, have been abused physically, verbally and even has recorded a case in which a beneficiary has been made sexual advances by an employee who then resigned. Following the violence many children have said that “kill themselves” or “not want anything more from life”. the VIEW HERE more details about the irregularities.

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