110,000 doses of the influenza vaccine arrived in Cali, how can you access it?

110,000 doses of the biological agent against seasonal influenza arrived in the city of Cali to vaccinate children, the elderly, pregnant women and the population with a diagnosis of risk.

This vaccine is part of the Expanded Immunization Program (PAI) and is free for boys and girls from 6 to 23 months of age, pregnant women from the 14th week of pregnancy, adults over 60 years of age and older and the population with some type of risk diagnosis, between 24 months and 59 years of age, who have immunosuppressive or chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or morbid obesity.

“The vaccine is important to prevent influenza, which is that flu that is complicated by meningitis, pneumonia, otitis, pain in the body and that can lead to death in people,” said Liliana Alarcón Luna, coordinator of the Expanded Program of Immunizations of the Ministry of Health of Cali.

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Health professionals who work in emergency services, pediatric hospitalization and Intensive Care Units-ICU, can access the vaccine totally free.

The Cali community that wants and needs to be vaccinated can go to the points provided by their EPS or to the ESE vaccination station closest to their home.

Influenza is the main cause of acute respiratory disease in the population, with children, older adults and people with comorbidities being the most affected.

This biologic reduces the occurrence of influenza-related illnesses and the risk of serious complications.

It should be noted that, due to the high transmissibility of this virus, which mutates easily, immunity must be reinforced annually.