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Bulgaria celebrates 114 years of Independence. Celebrations are held across the country. Traditionally, the climax of the holiday is in Veliko Tarnovo, where in 1908 the Principality of Bulgaria announced that it was no longer a vassal of the Ottoman Empire and the Sultan. The principality became a kingdom, and Prince Ferdinand became the first king in the Third Bulgarian State.


The culmination of the celebrations is precisely where the Manifesto for the Independence of Bulgaria was read – in the church “Holy 40 Martyrs” in Veliko Tarnovo. Today, according to tradition, the document was read again.

The Holy Liturgy in the Holy Monastery marked the beginning of Independence Day in Veliko Tarnovo. The tradition of celebrating this day is a quarter of a century old and includes the reading of the Manifesto with which Prince Ferdinand announced this act. After the lighting of the battle flags, the celebration moved to the palace of the kings of the “Tsarevets” fortress.

And the message of the mayor of the city, Daniel Panov, and the vice president, Iliana Yotova, on Independence Day was related to the cause of national unification.

“It is a great honor for me to celebrate the Bulgarian Independence Day together. It is a challenge for every Bulgarian statesman to speak publicly on this very day,” said Vice President Iliana Yotova, who attended the celebrations in the old capital.

After the official words, wreaths and flowers were placed on the monument, a symbol of independence.

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“History never repeats itself the same way. Rather, it is important for managers to learn from past mistakes or missed opportunities. The importance of this act should not be exaggerated. Let us not forget that this was an act of independence from the Ottoman Empire. Some people try to suggest that Bulgaria became independent at all. Such countries did not exist either then or today”, said the historian from the University of Veliko Tarnovo Prof. Dr. Petko Petkov on the air of “Hello, Bulgaria”.

According to him, independence is a goal that the revivalists also have. “Actually, Bulgaria was independent long before 1908 and followed such a policy. But it formally becomes independent by rejecting its vassal status,” he emphasized.

During the holiday, a festival of military brass bands is also held in the old imperial capital. This year, in addition to participants from all over the country, there is also a foreign presence.

“This is one of the greatest dates in modern Bulgarian history. To declare independence directly at the will of the Great Powers, and then only at one’s own will, required a serious responsibility. This is one of the few great deeds in our modern history”, emphasized the director of the Regional History Museum in Veliko Tarnovo Ivan Tsrov.

For his part, the mayor of Veliko Tarnovo, Daniel Panov, called on us to feel Bulgarian and to protect our independence. “Tens of thousands of tourists are expected to visit Veliko Tarnovo. 4 festivals are being held in the days until Sunday. With 100 drones we will emphasize the greatness of Bulgaria,” he revealed. And he added that all municipalities are worried about the coming winter because of the high heating prices.

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The holiday was solemnly celebrated in Sofia as well. In front of the Independence Monument, revival songs and anthems were performed by the Guards Representative Brass Band, the Sofia Brass Band and the St. Sophia Mixed Choir led by Valentin Bobevski.

Wreaths were presented as a sign of respect, and throughout the day, residents of the capital and guests of the city left flowers in front of the monument on “Prince Alexander the First” square. And in front of the Presidency, a solemn change of the guard of honor was held.

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