riders of the EDSR are mobilized to fight against the insecurity on the road during this weekend. the motorcyclists have identified 119 serious offences that generate accidents.

Among them, 19 bacs with 11 offences, motorists circulating, with rates between 0.40 mgl per litre of air and 1.25 for the highest rate.

the Two drivers holding a driving licence for less than two years, have been tested positive for alcohol, with rates of delinquent of 0.60 and 0.45 mgl. They will lose the six points awarded to their licence, and will the board. as a reminder, the rate not to exceed for this category of users is of 0.09 mgl.

Also, two users were tested positive for cannabis of which 1 had a bac of 0.30 mgl.

These 13 offenders road were stripped of their driving licences on the field.

Five drivers have to be controlled at the steering wheel of a car while they were under the blow of a cancellation, suspension or simply non-holder of the driving licence.

Finally, 5 defects insurance were also recognized during the weekend and 33 speeding.

an operation fight against addictive behaviors has been conducted this Sunday morning, from 5 hours to 9 hours, the Stamp, by the police of this municipality, with the collaboration of the riders of the BMO de La Rivière Saint-Louis. Not less than 13 positive screens were recorded, of which 6 crimes.

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