Sports 12 Shot People, 5 Killed in Baltimore Single Farm...

12 Shot People, 5 Killed in Baltimore Single Farm Day


On Saturday, violence around Baltimore city left 5 people dead and others injured in a series of shooting adventures. The shot took place during the day, and in places around the city. Baltimore authorities do not believe that they are connected.

“The level of violence in the city yesterday was extremely shocking and worrying,” said city police commissioner Michael Harrison at a press conference on Sunday. He also said that the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) is doing “everything we can” to tackle the shooting, citing more protected patrols in affected areas and deploying other resources such as SWAT units and K9.

In a separate Sunday statement, Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott asked out Harrison specifically, and he asked what the police department and other city agencies had planned to do about the violence – proactively and proactively.

“Today, there are five families suffering from the sadness and trauma of losing a loved one,” said Scott. “This trauma is not attributed to victims. It concerns the survivors, the families, and the remaining communities to deal with the result and build up the pieces. This violence is exciting and must stop now. ”

Daphne Alston, who is part of Mothers of Murdered Sons & Daughters, a Maryland organization that offers support to parents who lost children with gun violence, told an exercise that affiliated to CBS that the issue goes across the department. police.

“We have to think about policing in the past, we must return to encourage people and love each other and we have to go back to morality and the values ​​that have been placed on this country.” Alston told WJZ.

When found for comments, the BPD TIME referred to a statement released on Facebook listing details of the shot and the deaths. The police department did not provide any further information regarding the status of any of their investigations.

According to the BPD statement, the first death occurred after three women were shot by car at a traffic light of approximately 2:30 pm in the northeast of the city. They were all transferred to a nearby hospital, where one of the victims, a 28-year-old man, died. According to the police, there was an argument that took place in a nearby club. An individual has been identified and wants to question it.

Two hours later, immediately after 2:30 pm, a 37-year-old man shot in the southeast of Baltimore, and later died in hospital. Per Harrison, who is also interested in questioning him, is required to question him in this shooting.

At 8:00 am, two men were shot standing in front of a grocery store in southwest Baltimore. The victims left the scene and were taken to hospital before officers arrived; one man died in hospital (and injuries were not life threatening by the other). Less than 20 minutes later, the police found another male shot in the northeast part of the city. The victim was in a car and was taken to hospital, but died as a result of his injuries.

And just before 11:00 p.m., police got 24 years of death by police in the northwest area of ​​the city. No suspicions or accusations were identified in respect of these last three incidents, which are being investigated separately by the police.

None of the victims were publicly identified.

“I promise you that the men and women of the Baltimore police department are doing everything we can to make Baltimore a safer city but we can't do it alone,” said Commissioner Harrison in his Sunday press conference, addressing other issues facing Baltimore which are widely regarded as contributing to a culture of gun violence: poverty, education and homelessness.

The city is emerging in year one of the homicides in 2019, where 348 people were killed. It was the highest murder in the city in history, and the fifth consecutive year that there were over 300 murder in the city.


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