12-year-old Angel from Zuidoost elected new children’s mayor

The new children’s mayor of Amsterdam will be 12-year-old Angel from Zuidoost. The student of group 8 of primary school De Nellestein will be installed on Tuesday 2 November.

The brand new children’s mayor received congratulations from Alderman for Education Marjolein Moorman in the council chamber at City Hall. There she told: “I was born in Indonesia and have lived in the Netherlands for three years. I had to learn the language and have plans for Amsterdam. There may be more trees and flowers: biodiversity and greenery are important in the city.”

Angel replaces the current children’s mayor, 9-year-old Dominic from Nieuw-West. From November 2, she will be assisted by a children’s council, which has also been fully re-elected. Together they tell the council of B and W what is important for children and what their wishes are. It often happens that the children’s mayor goes with the mayor or an alderman to a special event. Sometimes a short speech is also given.

“Happy, happier and safer”

In recent weeks, the municipality has been looking for a new children’s council and a new children’s mayor. Students from groups 7 and 8 from all over the city could sign up for this. A jury, consisting of children’s ombudsman Anne Martien van der Does, the current children’s mayor Dominic and
presenter of Het Klokhuis Pascal Tan, made a choice based on all the entries. The new children’s council members have mutually chosen who will be the children’s mayor. Angel already has ideas for her term. “I want to commit myself to safety and, for example, special traffic lights with smileys can be installed. Especially with fast e-bikes it is sometimes not safe. In summary: the city can be happier, happier and safer.”