14:10, 16.09.2018

                            Ariadne demonstrated skills in the field of choreography.

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Anastasia Volochkova is rightly considered one of the most shocking stars of domestic show business. She regularly amazes the audience by showing off expensive gifts from fans and twine in unusual places, the pictures of which have already become a sign of the difference of her microblogging in Instagram. The 12-year-old daughter of the ballerina took the example from her mother and yesterday struck the audience with an adult dance performed in the courtyard of her own house. Ariadne recorded the dance in a video and shared it in her microblog in Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the authors are given here and thereafter without any changes. . Ed.): "# danceworthiness Tin, as Instagram spoils the quality," – signed the publication of the girl. Then she shared the second part of the video, leaving him without a signature.12-year-old daughter Anastasia Volochkova was criticized for the performance of an adult dance Wolochkova also made a repost of the video recording in her microblogging in Instagram, signing the footage briefly: "Daughter burnt." However, after a wave of negativity, the ability to comment on the ballerina was turned off. By the way, as it turned out later, wishing to surprise the followers, Ariadna took the example not from her mother, but from the student of GITIS, as she said in the comments: "I strive to be like you @chiryukanchik". Meanwhile, Ariadne's mother surprises the folwaters in other ways – on Last week, a new beloved ballerina gave her an expensive ring worth 700-800 thousand dollars, as reported by the famous jeweler Andrei Ananov: "I think the cost of sapphire on this ring is about 10 thousand dollars per carat. It turns out that this stone costs at least 700-800 thousand dollars, or even more – about a million dollars. " At the same time, in the beginning of September, the media reported that, despite the demonstration of a luxurious life, Volochkova owed for utility payments of about 300 thousand rubles. Anastasia Volochkova, 12, was criticized for performing an adult dance. in the marriage of a ballerina with businessman Igor Vdovin. Anastasia and Igor broke up in 2007, but kept friendly relations for the sake of their daughter. Ariadne is not deprived of attention of Mom and Dad, however, the approaches to education are different for them. The father is strict: he clearly identifies the limits of what is permissible and believes that the notions "no" and "not" should be known to Arisha from a young age. Anastasia, on the contrary, is too kind: she allows the child almost everything. Read also: Anastasia Volochkova owes 300 thousand rubles for communal payments 42-year-old Anastasia Volochkova came to the school line of her daughter in a dress with an extreme cut
Anastasia Volochkova fell for journalists at the farewell ceremony with Iosif Kobzon


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