12,182 new corona infections on Saturday in Austria – corona vaccination

There were 12,182 new corona infections in Austria on Saturday.
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On Saturday, 12,182 new corona infections were registered in Austria in a 24-hour comparison. 1,226 people are currently being treated in hospital with a corona infection.

That was above the average of the past seven days (11,299) and above the numbers of the past two Saturdays – on July 2nd 10,071 new infections were registered, on July 9th 9,654. The seven-day incidence (new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, note) is now 880.8.

New corona infections in the federal states

  • Burgenland: 373
  • Carinthia: 559
  • Lower Austria: 2,378
  • Upper Austria: 2,175
  • Salzburg: 966
  • Styria: 1,356
  • Tyrol: 732
  • Vorarlberg: 499
  • Wien: 3.144

1,226 people with corona infection in the hospital

There are currently 1,226 people in the hospital, which is 224 more than exactly a week ago. 81 Covid 19 cases were treated in intensive care, an increase of 26 compared to last Saturday.

123,025 active cases of Corona virus in Austria

As of Saturday, there were 123,015 active cases in Austria, 1,015 more than the day before. Since the beginning of the pandemic there have already been 4,599,489 confirmed cases in Austria. 4,457,544 people have recovered since the outbreak of the epidemic, and 11,162 are considered healthy again within the past 24 hours.

Five more corona deaths since Friday

Five more deaths related to SARS-CoV-2 have occurred since Friday, with a seven-day average of 8.3 per day. 58 deaths have been registered in the past seven days. Overall, the Covid 19 pandemic has claimed at least 18,930 lives in Austria since it broke out. Statistically, 210.8 people per 100,000 inhabitants have died from or with Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

115,064 corona tests carried out in the last 24 hours

A total of 115,064 rapid PCR and antigen tests were registered in the past 24 hours. Of these, 71,721 were meaningful PCR tests. The positive rate of the PCR tests was 17 percent. This 24-hour value is above the average for the past week, in which an average of 10.5 percent of the PCR tests were positive.

2,800 corona vaccinations on Thursday

2,800 vaccinations were carried out on Thursday. Of these, 161 were first stitches, 220 second stitches and 2,419 third stitches.

Vienna with the highest seven-day incidence

The federal state with the highest seven-day incidence is currently Vienna with 1,149.6, followed by Lower Austria, Burgenland and Upper Austria (935.1, 882 and 865.7 respectively). Next come Vorarlberg (854.6), Salzburg (849.6), Styria (692.9), Tyrol (666.7) and Carinthia (593.7). It should be noted, however, that there is an east-west divide in testing and that far more testing is carried out in the federal capital than elsewhere.

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