125,000 protesters in France, 1,385 arrests


The demonstration of "Yellow Vests" has led to violence in Toulouse, December 8, 2018. – R. Gabalda / AFP

This is the first assessment of the evening. Some 125,000 demonstrators marched in France on Saturday, during the fourth major day of mobilization of
"Yellow vests," said the Interior Minister
Christophe Castaner around 20:00.

"There were 1,385 arrests, as I speak, and this figure will progress further. There were 975 police custody and this figure will continue to grow, "said the minister from Place Beauvau. "It's an exceptional level," he added.

"A stopping point has been set to escalate the violence. It remains at a level certainly contained but totally unacceptable, "said Christophe Castaner, who welcomed the change in the strategy of the security forces. This "device based on mobility, responsiveness, has helped break the dynamics of the thugs," he said.

For the capital alone, the police prefecture announced 920 arrests including 619 in custody, a balance sheet established at 19H30. The Interior Minister also reported 118 wounded on the side of the protesters, "related to accidents mostly on the road", and 17 wounded on the side of the police. Figures to compare the 201 wounded side demonstrators and 284 side law enforcement Saturday, December 1, he noted.


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