128 million euros won at EuroMillions – My Million this Friday!

This Friday, September 2, 2022, an FDJ player® must have had the surprise of his life. Yes, because, casually, €128m, that’s a lot! It was therefore only a few days ago that, on the other side of the Channel, our big winner discovered that he had just won this incredible sum. 128M€, that’s about 80 villas by the sea on the magnificent island of Bali, 640 sports cars or, for those with a sweet tooth, 128,000,000 pains au chocolat… our mouths are already watering! What must have been his surprise when he discovered that he was becoming one of the new members of the family of great FDJ winners®. And, we grant you, 128M€, that can make you dizzy. It is for this reason that the Française des jeux® offers a support program that allows the very lucky and very lucky to benefit from their winnings as serenely as possible. Once the amazement has passed, our lucky winner can take the time to decide what he will do with this pretty sum. Why not invest in the house of your dreams in a heavenly location, put some of that money aside for your children or, like this winner, donate 200,000 euros… to the environment! Anyway, to win this incredible sum, our lucky one chose the following numbers: 7, 12, 13, 20, 45 and both star numbers 3 and 12. Numbers that obviously brought him luck!
But that’s not all ! EuroMillions – My Million is also a guaranteed winner in France, with each draw, twice a week! This Friday, September 2, €1 million was therefore won by a EuroMillions – My Million player residing in Hauts-de-France. Kudos to him! To win this million euros, you had to have the grid with the following code: VE 788 1169.

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