12x precious metal for the Budo-Sport-Club Arashi Yama Wil

At the cantonal judo championships of St. Gallen, Thurgau and Appenzell Ausserrhode, which took place in Weinfelden, the Budo-Sport-Club Arashani Yama Wil took home 12 awards.

Picture from left to right: Alexander Josef, Levin Bänninger, Naahum Schönenberger, Runa Schönenberger, Eva Wiesli.


A small delegation with experienced but also less experienced judokas from the BSC showed appealing performances at the cantonal championship. Runa Schönenberger from Wilen celebrated two gold medals in the categories U15 and U18 -48kg. Her brother Naahum was also allowed to climb to the top of the podium (Elite -66kg) as well as Sina Schönenberger (U11) from Wuppenau. Silver awards: Levin Bänninger (Sirnach, U18 and U21 -50kg), Alexander Josef (Wil, Elite -66kg), Eva Wiesli (Wilen, U18 -63kg), Sean Knellwolf (Wil, U15 -60kg), Marius Niedermann ( Bronschhofen, U15 -45kg) and Nael Baumgartner (Zuzwil, U11). Mathis Ruesch in third place (Wil, U15 -45kg) and Leon Brüschweiler in fifth place (Zuzwil, U13) were also able to gather good and important experiences.