13 Egyptian coffins sealed 2,500 years ago in a well discovered

Manchester Museum / The University of Manchester

A team of archaeologists in Egypt made one of the biggest discoveries in recent years: they found 13 coffins that have been sealed for 2,500 years.

The coffins were found stacked on top of each other at the bottom of a well 11 meters deep, which was made accessible thanks to a rope of precarious appearance, in the desert necropolis of Saqqara. Many of the coffins appear to be richly decorated and still contain their original colors.

The team of archaeologists believes that it is very likely that more coffins will be found in the well. “Very exciting discovery. I think it’s just the beginning ”, said Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt.

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced the discovery over the past weekend, adding that it will soon launch a series of promotional videos on social media to showcase some of its latest discoveries.

“The discovery marks the greatest number of coffins found in a cemetery since the discovery of the Assef environment [uma tradução de Al-Asasif Cachett]”, Reads the statement, which refers to a discovery made last year, when archaeologists found 20 intact, sealed and painted coffins in the southern city of Luxor.

The archaeological site of Saqqara is a vast cemetery in Giza that once served as a necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Saqqara is home to an incredible selection of pyramids, temples, tombs and other archaeological delights that date back 5,000 years since Egypt’s First Dynasty.

The identity of the people buried remains unknown, but is expected to be revealed after further excavations and investigations have been carried out in the coming weeks.

Egypt reopened its many museums and archaeological sites on September 1, and the country is looking forward to getting back into activity in its tourism industry after several months of measures of social detachment. The history of the area is a key component of Egypt’s tourism industry and one of the main sources of revenue in the country.

The last decade has seen great political upheaval in this part of the world, notably the Arab Spring, which has alienated some travelers in recent years. With much of that instability overcome, Egypt is doing everything to promote its rich heritage in the hope of regaining tourism.

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