13 Honorary Degrees Received by Jokowi, Latest ‘Dada Madopo Malamo’


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has just been awarded a title from the Sultanate of Ternate. This is not the first title that Jokowi has received. He has previously earned honorary degrees from the sultanate to the indigenous people.

The honorary titles received by Jokowi ranged from Ki Jaka Winata, Kapiteng Lau Pulo, Tuanku Sri Indra Utama, the Honorable State, Upu Kalatia Kenalean Da Ntul Po Deyo Routnya Hnulho Maluku, to the latest Dada Madopo Malomo.

There are several reasons why the honorary title was given to Jokowi. For example, when he was given the title Upu Kalatia Kenalean Da Ntul Po Deyo Routnya Hnulho Maluku, Jokowi was considered a leader who cared about the welfare of Maluku.



The following is a list of honorary titles given to Jokowi:

1. Ki Jaka Winata

The title of Ki Jaka Winata was given to Jokowi in 2014. This title was given by the indigenous people of Kampung Naga, Garut, West Java. At that time, Jokowi was still a presidential candidate.

“We represent the dragon village on behalf of the indigenous people, we give an honorary title to Ir. H. Joko Widodo with the title Ki Jaka Winata,” said the traditional leader of Kampung Naga, Ki Ade Suherli, on July 3 2014.

Not only that, Jokowi also wore a cloth from the Pasundan martial arts college under Uyut Sani’s care. The cloth is black and has a picture of a cleaver.

“Not just anyone can wear the necklace. Moreover, the one who gave it directly was our elder Uyut Sani. It’s no joke because there is only one in the world,” said one member of the college.

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2. Biji Nagara Madafalo or Great Lord of the Nation’s Son

In 2015, Jokowi also received an honorary degree from the Tidore Sultanate, North Maluku. At that time, Jokowi was awarded the title of Biji Nagara Madafalo or Yang Dipertuan Agung Anak Negara.

At that time, Sultan Tidore Haji Husain Syah held a special ceremony to confer the title on the sidelines of President Jokowi’s working visit to Ternate. The award ceremony was held at the Tidore Sultanate Palace.

Wearing the royal robes of the Tidore Kingdom in the form of a white robe, Jokowi attended the ceremony to receive the title accompanied by First Lady Iriana. Then, Sultan Tidore gave Jokowi a charter.

“I am Sultan Tidore Haji Husain SH, khalifatulmukaram, ordering the jinn and humans, hereby raise the honorary title to my brother Joko Widodo, the President of the Republic of Indonesia as Biji Nagara Madafolo or Yang Dipertuan Agung Anak Negara,” said Sultan Tidore as quoted by the Kab., May 8, 2015.

The Sultan explained that the title of Madafolo Negara was given to President Jokowi as a form of traditional preservation. In addition, Jokowi is also considered to have contributed to upholding the culture of the Tidore Sultanate.

3. Upu Kalatia Kenalean Da Ntul Po Deyo Routnya Hnulho Maluku

Jokowi also received the honorary title Upu Kalatia Kenalean Da Ntul Po Deyo Routnya Hnulho. The title was given by the indigenous people of Maluku in 2017. This customary title is given on the basis of the decision of the Maluku customary assembly consisting of traditional elders or Latupati.

The honorary customary title was given because Jokowi is considered a great leader who cares about the welfare of the indigenous people of Maluku.

“I feel very honored and thank you for conferring the honorary title of Maluku honor on me. I understand that this title is accompanied by a responsibility to advance Maluku, for the welfare of the Maluku people,” said Jokowi welcoming the honorary title at the Ambon Christian Center, Maluku. on February 24, 2017.

Jokowi received the title on the sidelines of his working visit to Maluku Province. An oversized robe, a belt, a shoulder cloth, an oversized crown, and a traditional scepter of honor were given to Jokowi from the Chairman of the Maluku Latupati Assembly, Bonafaxius Silooy. Jokowi is grateful for the trust given by the people of Maluku.

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