13% of the votes, no deputy: “it’s not normal”, claims Duhaime

Despite support from approximately 13% of Quebecers, the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) failed to elect any MNA; an “abnormal” situation, decried by Éric Duhaime, Tuesday, in an interview with LCN.

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“That’s kind of the aberration of what’s happened in the last few hours,” he said.

The leader of the PCQ even affirms that such a result is “dangerous”, since it fuels cynicism and risks amplifying the discontent of many voters who have chosen to vote for the formation of Éric Duhaime.

“There is discontent, there are people who are currently dissatisfied and it is not normal for the National Assembly to be unanimous when there are so many people in the population who do not agree” , supports the conservative leader.

Difference between votes cast and seats won

Is the current voting system effective in representing the popular will?

A date you October 3, 2022

Compare with the number of seats obtained

The latter affirms that parliament must reflect public opinion, which is not currently the case.

“There, there is one vote out of six or one vote out of seven which did not enter the National Assembly. It creates a democratic deficit. There is an electoral distortion and this must be corrected as much as possible, ”insists Mr. Duhaime.

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The leader of the PCQ believes that he succeeded in convincing several citizens who were not interested in politics to have confidence in Quebec institutions. Eric Duhaime now fears their reaction to Monday’s result.

“The worst message we could send them today is to say that their vote does not count,” he said.

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Mr. Duhaime says he is still proud of the progress made by the PCQ over the past year. And with yesterday’s results, his training will be entitled to public funding of which it had been deprived so far.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec is also confident that he will succeed in convincing the other parties to make room for him, particularly in the press gallery of the National Assembly.

“We still represent the same number of voters as the official opposition. I do not see why we would be deprived of having access, for example, to hold a press conference regularly, ”claims Éric Duhaime.

The latter even claims to have felt that François Legault was concerned about the lack of representation of the PCQ in the National Assembly, despite a harvest of more than 500,000 votes.

“I think that the other countries will agree, in a democratic spirit, that we will have to leave a slightly more important place for the Conservative Party of Quebec in the National Assembly over the next few years,” said Mr. Duhaime.

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To see the full interview, watch the video below