JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Government Spokesperson for Corona Virus Handling Achmad Yurianto said there were 13 provinces that had a percentage of cases recovered from Covid-19 above 70 percent.

In fact, said Yuri, there are 18 provinces in Indonesia that have a recovery rate above the world average. It is known, the average global recovery rate of Covid-19 is 54.23 percent.

“If we then examine further in each province, there are actually 18 provinces that have a recovery rate above the world average of above 54.23 percent,” Yuri said at Graha BNPB, East Jakarta, Wednesday (1/7 / 2020).

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The 13 provinces namely, West Sumatra (81.1 percent), Riau (73.5 percent), Bengkulu (71.2 percent), Lampung (79.3 percent), Bangka Belitung (86.8 percent), Riau Islands (81.6 percent), and Yogyakarta Special Region (85.3 percent).

Then West Kalimantan (81.9 percent), East Kalimantan (73.7 percent), North Kalimantan (75.5 percent), Central Sulawesi (82.3 percent), Gorontalo (80.2 percent), and West Sulawesi (72 , 8 percent).

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Even so, Yuri said that the average recovery of Covid-19 nationally is still below the world average.

“For the recovery rate in the national figure of 43.2 percent. It is indeed lower than the global figure,” he said.

Until Wednesday (1/7/2020), the number of Covid-19 patients cured in Indonesia increased by 789 people. So that there are a total of 25,595 people who are no longer infected with Covid-19.

Yuri is optimistic that the number of Covid-19 patients recovering in the country will continue to increase over time.

“The recovery rate will increase with the test over time,” he said.


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