13 Reasons Why: What to expect from the second season?


On March 31 of last year Netflix premiere 13 Reasons Why , a series of 13 chapters that revolved around suicide of an American teenager named Hannah Baker . Immediately, production became a phenomenon that, despite the success, he was not exempt from criticism for allegedly encourage suicide . Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable elements of this series are the cassettes that Hanna Baker recorded before taking her own life and in which she gave details of the reasons, linked to classmates, that led her to commit suicide. ” Welcome to your tape “, was the phrase that brought a wave of memes and jokes on social networks. WE RECOMMEND YOU: Increase interest in suicide methods by ’13 Reasons Why ‘ After the impact caused by the first delivery of 13 Reasons Why What can we expect from the second season ? 1. When is it released? If you were wondering what time does it premiere? 13 Reasons Why , the expected return of the series will occur early this morning Friday, May 18 , and if you were wondering what to do at 02:00 am, Central Mexico time. From that moment, the audience will be able to watch at their own pace or devour the 13 new chapters produced by Netflix . 2. Original story Although the series was inspired by the homonymous novel by Jay Asher For the new season, those responsible for the production had to create their own story. “We were working without the safety net of the book and the engine and all the threads of the story, obviously it was a wonderful opportunity to be free (from the book), but it was also absolutely intimidating to go through 13 beautifully structured chapters, very attractive and very intertwined to write another 13 own chapters, “said T I have Hollywood Reporter the creator of the series Brian Yorkey . 3. What’s the plot? The second season will place us six months after what happened at the end of the first delivery. Although the characters strive to leave behind Hannah’s suicide and the ways in which they were involved, as you will recall, the parents of the teenager interposed a lawsuit against the school , which results in a judgment that we can see with great detail in the new episodes. However, getting to the truth about Hannah’s death will not be an easy task. According to Netflix, “someone will not stop at anything as long as the truth does not come to light.” A series of disturbing polaroids will lead to Clay Jensen ( Dylan Minnette ) And his colleagues to discover a disturbing secret and a conspiracy to keep the facts hidden. ” 4. What is behind the polaroids? In the trailer that Netflix presented for the second season, we see Clay open his locker at school. There he meets polaroids with terrible images about the bullying and sexual abuse that Hanna suffered, who immediately returns to seize the narration of the plot. What are you going to do about it? “, The teenager challenges her friend.” She was not the only one “,” he’s not going to stop, “Clay reads in the photos. In agreement with the creator of the series, in this new season we will see things that Hannah omitted to say in the cassettes, because those to whom she denounced in her recordings also have their own version of what happened. 5. Liability After the criticism received for allegedly encouraging suicide among young people and adolescents, those responsible for the series were very careful with the new episodes . However, they consider that despite the criticisms, 13 Reasons Why opened the debate on complicated issues that seriously affect adolescents. “In the script room we had the feeling of having a great responsibility to tell the story in the most honest way possible, without glamorizing it and without making it too horrible, but to be as honest as possible”, He said the creator of the series, Brian Yorkey . Also, the actor Brandon Flynn , who gives life to Justin Foley , a tormented young man who in Hannah’s eyes also pushed her to make the difficult decision, I consider that all involved “we have become a role to follow, because it is making the public aware of what surrounds it, I consider that we are part of a fundamental piece for the time in which we live”. 6. The return of Hannah Baker If the protagonist died and those responsible for the series decided not to show the time of her suicide again, how will Hannah Bake return r? According to the actress who gives him life, Katherine Langford , the public will be able to see it from the testimonies of their schoolmates, as well as continue to be present as narrator of the story in some moments, to accompany Clay. In December of last year, Langford warned: “I would prepare the fans for not wait for the Hannah of the first season for multiple reasons … I think a lot of the new season will be letting Hannah go. ” WE RECOMMEND YOU: Welcome to your tape: The ’13 Reasons Why ‘memes While it’s time to see the return of all the characters, we leave you with the theme ” Back To You “, what Selena Gomez recorded for the second season. “I would prepare the fans not to wait for the Hannah of the first season for multiple reasons (…) I think a lot of the new season for me is let Hannah go ” ehh


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