“13 Salzburg Dialect Words You Need to Know – A Guide by BuzzFeed Austria”

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Created: 05/30/2023, 09:00 am

Von: Iris Adelt


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Scher, Waps and Diwan: The Salzburg dialect leaves many at a loss. We clarify.

Salzburg is particularly known for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Mirabell Palace and the Salzburg Festival. The Austrian state has much more to offer. The Salzburg dialect in particular fascinates tourists and the rest of Austria. So that none of the dialect terms continue to confuse you, BuzzFeed Austria has collected 13 words that Salzburg residents know only too well:

1. All

Means: fast

2. Lunzn

Means: doze, sleep

3. Scher

Means: mole

4. Tscheanggn

Means: Make faces

5. Voigeigei

Means: great thing

6. Waps

Means: wasp

7. Z’keid

Means: disappointed, sad

8. Exit room

Means: outrageous

9. Biawei

Means: little boy

10. Easchdepfe

Means: Potato

11. Enteric

Means: scary

12. Diwan

Means: Sofa

13. Gfierig

Means: toll

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13 dialect words from Salzburg where you only understand Mozart

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