130 years of Basque art in Bilbao

  • “Analogies. Basque art in the BBVA collection” consists of 40 works

  • The exhibition that can be visited from July 13 to September 18 at the Palacio San Nicolás

  • This artistic tour allows you to enjoy outstanding works by ManuelLosada, Aurelio Arteta, Ignacio Zuloaga, Jorge Oteiza or Eduardo Chillida

In Bilbao, BBVA offers a journey through 130 years of Basque art through “Analogies. Basque Art in the BBVA Collection”, an exhibition with 40 works by 30 artists that can be visited from July 13 to September 18 at the San Nicholas Palace in the Vizcan capital. This artistic tour allows you to enjoy outstanding works by Manuel Losada, Aurelio Arteta, Ignacio Zuloaga, Jorge Oteiza or Eduardo Chillida, among others.

This exhibition, divided into seven sections that cover more than a century of history, offers the visitor an artistic walk from regionalist painting, typical of the second half of the 19th centuryto the movements that emerged in the last decade of the 20th century.

This sample comes from funds exclusively from the bank’s collection and, in many cases, they are works that have never been exhibited to the public.

40 works

Throughout the 40 works you can enjoy the different trends that not only led local art, but also had a decisive influence on the evolution of the national plastic.

The BBVA Collection offers the public guided tours of the exhibition, prior registration and free of charge, as well as access to an audio guide in Spanish, English and Basque that will accompany the visitor on his tour of the sections. Added to this is the possibility of making a virtual visit to its website.

As a complement, a trilingual Spanish, Basque and English catalog has also been published, with a main essay by the Basque art specialist Javier Viar, recently deceased, under the title ‘A collection, a story’which contextualizes the works in the exhibition within the historiography of Basque art and highlights the important presence of Basque artists in the BBVA Collection.

seven sections

The exhibition is divided into seven sections and seeks to highlight the important list of works in the BBVA Collection made by Basque artists or artists linked to the Basque Country. Specifically, this artistic walk begins with the regionalist painting of Valentín de Zubiaurre or Manuel Losada, among others, who try to recover the identity of a town and a landscape.

The second section deals with the new plastic models that make up modernity and how they land in the Basque Country at the hands of local artists, or active in the Basque cultural milieu, who had maintained direct contact with European renewal during the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth centuries. Specifically, you will be able to enjoy the works of Francisco Iturrino, Aurelio Arteta, Ignacio Zuloaga or Dario de Regoyos.

As a continuation of the above, there is a group of artists who recover Basque themes under the influence of a renewed aesthetic. Thanks to the figure of Daniel Vázquez Díaz, most local artists configure a new language based on the personal interpretation of the avant-garde, without completely abandoning figuration, as is the case of José María Ucelay, Gaspar Montes Iturrioz or MenchuGal.

The following three sections delve the visitor into the currents, both abstract and figurative, that represent the plurality of modern languages that developed during the second half of the 20th century in the Basque Country.

The tour ends at the end of the 20th century when a group of artists emerges that reacts against the excessive coldness of the most geometric abstraction and, among them, Marta Cárdenas, Ignacio García Ergüin, Darío Urzay or Mari Puri Herrero stand out, who opt for a lyrical vision of the landscape.