1,300 euros to “Schwoaze Helfen 2022”

Also this year we were allowed to be a small part of the great campaign “Swiss help” contribute. The club gave us Europa League jerseys from Gregory Wüthrich, Jon Gorenc Stankovic and Otar Kiteishvili as well as a pair of shoes signed by Jakob Jantscher made available for auction.

During the one-week auction period, a considerable sum was raised for the four exhibits, which we 1.300 Euro rounded up. Of course, special thanks go to all other bidders, especially the highest bidders Nicolas, Eva, Desiree and Marc.

All information about “Swiss help”, to the various campaigns, the fundraising goals and the donation barometer can be found >>HERE<<. Donations will of course continue to be made under the following account: “Schwoaze Helfen”, IBAN: AT72 3800 0000 0433 5436 assumed.