135,000 views for Nabilla Benatia falling in the water during the Coachella festival


The former reality star is once again talking about her by broadcasting a video where she falls in the water during the festival taking place in California. An innocuous video that makes more than 135,000 views.
A small misadventure happened to Nabilla Benatia and made talk on social networks. She is currently in the United States to enjoy the Coachella festival. This event is one of the biggest music events in the country where celebrities and celebrities go to show, like Paris Hilton, Emily Ratajkowski or the Kardashian clan. The former star of the reality show is also there, as much to enjoy the music as the atmosphere. She shares her photos on her Twitter account. A video worked particularly well. We see him dancing at the edge of the water. Too close since the star ends up finishing feet and boots in the water. With derision, she shares on her account this video with the message “I did not want to … but I assume” . A way to make the front page which succeeds since more than 135 000 people watched the video. Nabilla Benattia is used to being the center of attention thanks to her falls. This had already been the case in 2013 during the reality show The Angels 5. Similarly, in September 2017, during the broadcast Lianta broadcast on NRJ 12.

Fortunately, the famous Californian festival marks especially the news thanks to the music by placing in particular the singer Beyoncé in headlining. Back on stage after giving birth in June, the “Queen B” performed a spectacular show , welcomed by Internet users.


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