14 MILLIONS ONLY! New Honda Beat Dio Gambot Version Launched? Reportedly Very Efficient, Here are the Specifications

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Reportedly the Japanese manufacturer Honda Motor launched their latest scooter, which has a gambot design.

It is even predicted that the scooter is a gambot version of the Honda Beat, because at a glance the scooter is almost similar in design.

Not only that, the Honda Beat Gambot scooter has been equipped with modern advanced features, with some of the latest technological accents embedded.

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In addition to having a gambot design and modern technological features, the Honda Beat Gambot is also priced at quite a few tens of millions.

No wonder rumors circulating the presence of the latest scooter from Honda, will make the Yamaha Mio M3 panic.

Let’s review the facts from this gambot version of the Honda Beat 125, which has been introduced by the Japanese manufacturer.

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Quoted from from the automotive channel Youtube @TV, with the title “Wow, only 14 million! Will Honda BeAt Dio 2022 Come to Indonesia,”.