14. retirement. When will fourteen appear on seniors’ accounts?

When talking about support for seniors, the head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy first spoke about the 13th retirement age and the valorization of pensions. – Now we are introducing the 14th retirement – she pointed. She said that PLN 11 billion was allocated for this benefit. Over 9 million retirees took advantage of it. She added that there were only two more payments left for the 14th pension, which are due on November 25 and December 1.

Who will get the 14th pension?

Pension 14, unlike the 13th one, is not intended for everyone. For this benefit, there is an income threshold of PLN 2,000. PLN 900 gross.

This does not mean, however, that seniors with a higher pension will not benefit from the benefit at all. In the case of people who receive higher transfers from ZUS than 2 thousand. PLN 900, the rule is PLN for PLN. For example, if the pension you receive is 3,000 PLN fourteen will be entitled to an amount lower by PLN 100.

How to get the 14th retirement pension?

14, the pension is granted ex officio. You do not need to fill out an application to get it. The additional benefit goes to the entitled persons along with the November retirement pension. It is subject to taxation and contributions according to general rules, regardless of whether it is paid in conjunction with a taxable or tax-exempt benefit.

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The ministry reminded that ZUS will transfer benefits from the machine. The office recently announced that the network is full of fraudsters who want to extort data from seniors under the pretext of helping them fill out applications for fourteen.

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