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The Heiligenstadt Bridge, which connects the 19th and 20th districts, will be renovated from next March. There is a 140-ton replacement bridge during the work. It will be prepared and collected over the All Saints weekend. That could cause traffic jams.

The 140-ton steel structure was delivered in two parts by heavy-duty trucks. The supporting structure was assembled on site and prepared for transport to the existing Heiligenstadt bridge. The work on the collection will begin on Friday at 10:00 p.m. and is expected to be completed on November 2nd.


The replacement structure will be lifted on the weekend

“This construction project is a major technical and logistical challenge,” said Nikolaus Hejda, head of construction in the bridge construction and foundation engineering department. Due to the work, the B 227 (Donaukanal-Straße) in the bridge area will be closed in both directions until November 2nd at 5:00 a.m. On the Heiligenstädter Brücke one lane will be blocked in both directions and Gunoldstrasse will narrow.

Replacement structure for the Heiligenstadt Bridge is lifted


The replacement bridge comes right next to the Heiligenstadt bridge

Accessible again from November 2nd

“In order to keep the impairment as low as possible, the bank holiday weekend is used for the collection,” said construction site coordinator Peter Lenz. “We recommend road users to avoid as much as possible and ask for a little patience in the event of delays.”

By November 2nd at 5 a.m. at the latest, the resulting traffic obstructions will be removed and the B227 and the Heiligenstädter Bridge will be free again, they say.

The new structure will be completed by March 2022. Then the repair of the Heiligenstadt bridge begins. During this work, traffic will be diverted to the replacement bridge. The new bridge will then be retained as a cycle and pedestrian walkway, with access and exit to the Danube Canal. It should then be released for cyclists and pedestrians in 2023.