14,000 fines a year for driving without a license or insurance

Castilla-La Mancha registers 14,000 fines a year for driving without a license or insurance, according to a study carried out by the Professional Association of Training Companies in Logistics, Transport and Road Safety (Formaster).

As reported by this association in a press release, 1.63 percent of the traffic fines filed in the last six years in the region were for driving without a license, either for not having obtained it or for having it suspended and not having points. assigned.

For Formaster, this is a “very worrying” figure because it means that each year an average of more than 6,000 fines are recorded in this autonomous community for people who drive a vehicle without the corresponding permit.

By provinces, in Albacete an average of 1,380 fines is reported, 2.82%; in Ciudad Real 1,330, 1.5%; in Cuenca 715, 1%; while in Guadalajara there are 800 fines, 1.53%; and in Toledo 1,800 fines, 1.63%.

As for driving without insurance, it is another of the infractions that has increased the most on the roads of the provinces of Castile-La Mancha, so that 2.22% of the fines filed in the last six years for this reason represent an average of more than 8,200 sanctions per year.

In this case, the distribution by provinces reflects that in Albacete 1,370 fines are notified, 2.78%; in Ciudad Real 1,660 fines, 1.9%; in Cuenca 900 fines, 1.26%; in Guadalajara 1,000 fines, 2%; and in Toledo 3,280 fines, 3%.