14th Conference of the Fertiberia Chair of Agro-environmental Studies

The CAP and the environment, under debate at the 14th Conference of the Fertiberia Chair of Agro-environmental Studies

More than 160 people have attended the 14th Conference of the Fertiberia Chair of Agro-environmental Studies, which has been held at the Higher Technical School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and in which the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union.

During the event, which was inaugurated by the General Director of Agricultural Productions and Markets of the Ministry of Agriculture; Esperanza Orellana, the CEO of Grupo Fertiberia, Javier Goñi; and the director of the School, José Manuel Palacios, have analyzed various aspects such as the regulatory scope of the agricultural sector, the sustainable nutrition of agricultural soils, aid to farmers or the decarbonisation of the sector.

The first speech was given by Bibiana Rodríguez, deputy deputy director of the SG. of Means of Agricultural Production, which has analyzed Royal Decree 1051/2022, which establishes standards for sustainable nutrition in agricultural soils. Next, Inmaculada Carceller, deputy director of the SG. of Herbaceous and Industrial Crops and Olive Oil, has exposed the main characteristics of the eco-schemes of the new CAP.

Carlos Cantero-Martínez, Professor of Plant Production and Forest Science at the University of Lleida, has participated with the presentation ‘Carbon sequestration by agricultural techniques: can fertilization sequester carbon?’, which has been followed by another by José Luis Gabriel Pérez, researcher at the Department of Environment and Agronomy of the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA) on the Plan to monitor the impact of PAC measures on the carbon stock. Lastly, Khalid Akdi, CEO of Trichodex -a Grupo Fertiberia company-, gave a speech on “Biotechnological inputs. Fact or myth”.

2023-05-31 14:12:02

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