15-year-old Léna Kóbor told about the loss of her father

János Kóbor’s little daughter, Léna, carries on her father’s musical heritage.

“I feel infinitely lucky that Mama is always by my side, especially in the last difficult months. We are very close to each other and we discuss almost everything. For me, she is my role model, my girlfriend and mom in one person,” Lena Borsnak, with whom interview in a dance studio.

Source: Kóbor Léna / Instagram

“The day after Papa’s death, I had a performance at a dance competition. I didn’t shy away from that because dancing gave me the strength to endure the pain,” he said, adding that dance and music are neither a way of life nor a profession, but a beloved hobby that it makes her happy, helps her express her feelings. Lena knows for sure: music will always be a part of her life, so she carries on the legacy of her deceased father.

They travel a lot with their mother, and of course they are both water lovers. While Mecky, as Lena called her, “Papa” was with them, they sailed regularly on Lake Balaton.

I love sailing, but it’s a bit of a painful thought for now. We really miss Papa. I don’t even want to think about sailing without him Said Lena, who is full of plans and hopes that her father will always be proud of her.