15 Years After Marriage Off: Billy Bob Thornton explains about Angelina Jolie's infamous blood necklace

15 Years After Marriage Off: Billy Bob Thornton explains about Angelina Jolie's infamous blood necklace

In the middle of the custody dispute between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, another ex-husband of the actress announces: Billy Bob Thornton. But he has only good things to say about his exiles and cleans up with rumors.
The marriage of Billy Bob Thornton (62, “Goliath” ) and Angelina Jolie (43) was short, but was considered very intense, sometimes even as something crazy. Now the actor acknowledged in the podcast of the “Hollywood Foreign Press Association” (HFPA) but with a detail of her three-year marriage that had caused a stir at the time: the fabled blood necklaces. According to him, the press in particular exaggerated a great deal: “Our marriage was not as crazy as people wrote,” said Thornton. For example, the blood necklaces were basically nothing special: they would have just stuck a finger in their hands, smeared a small drop of blood on the necklaces, and if they were not together, they wanted to wear them, the source said. Year old next. “It was as simple as that. But in the media, it was as if we walked around our necks with a bucket of blood,” says Thornton. Billy Bob and Angelina are still friends All in all, he remembers the marriage lasting from 2000 to 2003 as “a great time”. In addition, he and Jolie continue to be friends: “She is a great person. […] She makes films that are important to her, whether they succeed or not. She does what she believes and I will always respect her, “Thornton enthused. The reason for the failure of their marriage Thornton sees in their different lifestyles: “She lives this global life, while my is more of an agoraphobic lifestyle.” In his view, that was the only reason why the two are no longer together. His luck has found the actor for some time with Connie Angland (53). Thornton married his longtime companion in 2014 – quietly and quietly. The couple has their daughter Bella (13), born in 2004. In addition, Thornton has another daughter and two sons from two previous marriages. Video: Battle for the 6 children: Angelina Jolie suffers custody disputes in court

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