of Luca Pozza

VICENZA – Yes they are aggravated, to the point that hopes of salvation are now reduced to a flicker, the conditions of the 16 month old child hospitalized since Wednesday in pediatric intensive care unit all 'San Bortolo hospital in Vicenza for a fulminant meningitis.

The illness of the child, who resides in Bolzano Vicentino with his parents, manifested itself in a very short time in recent days, with an increasingly high fever and a comatose state. According to what has been learned, the child arrived in the Berico hospital in a desperate condition, to the point that he never came out of the coma: he was immediately intubated but the encephalitic suffering never fell. Despite all the possible efforts by doctors and health professionals this afternoon the clinical picture became even worse and in the evening his life was hanging by a thread: the evolution of the disease unfortunately does not grant a positive epilogue.

The form of fulminant meningitis, according to what emerged, started from aear infection: this is specifically about pneumococcal, caused by a bacterium that is normally present in the airways of most human beings and that, except in rare cases, does not give serious consequences. Unlike the meningitis caused by viruses, there does not appear to be a danger of contagion for the other children who attended the same nursery as the hospitalized child, the “Il pomograno” structure, managed by the parish of Santa Maria in Bolzano Vicentino. According to what has been declared by the Berici ULSS no need therefore to activate the protection prophylaxis for people, including family members, who have been close to it in recent days.



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