16 new screensavers for tvOS 15

Apple took advantage of the release of tvOS 15 on Monday to put new screensavers for the Apple TV online, 9To5Mac reported. There are sixteen with aerial shots from three locations: four in Patagonia, seven in Yosemite National Park, and five in the Grand Canyon. Apple hadn’t uploaded any new videos with tvOS 14 last year, so it’s a welcome breeze on Apple TV.

TvOS 15 Screensaver
TvOS 15 Screensaver

These new videos require tvOS 15 to be installed to appear. It is not possible to select them manually, but we can try to force fate by asking Apple TV to renew its screensavers every day: the option is located in Settings> General> tvOS Screensaver > Download the videos. If you want to travel without Apple TV, Benjamin Mayo has collected all the videos and is making them available on this page.

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