16 stab wounds to the chest of a Jordanian wife.. Sharjah police reveal the mystery of the crime in 120 minutes

The Arab street did not wake up from the horror of the shock of two crimes, the victims of which were two girls, the Jordanian Iman Irsheed, who was shot and killed, and the Egyptian Naira Ashraf was stabbed to death, so that social networking sites became buzzing again with a third crime, in which a new Jordanian young woman was killed, who was killed by her husband in the United Arab Emirates, to continue the series Irqa The blood of women is in cold blood by monsters who do not belong to humans, according to the expression of a large audience of activists and human rights defenders.

Sister’s tweet with the victim’s photo

Jordanian husband assassinates his twenties with 16 stab wounds

The victim’s sister had published on her official account on Twitter, the details of the crime, confirming that her sister Lubna Mansour was the victim of a crime committed by her husband, as he stabbed her about 16 times following a dispute between them, and described him as a “human monster”. It is worth mentioning that the husband is also of Jordanian nationality.

Initial information, quoting Jordanian media, stated that the engineer, Lubna Mansour, was killed by her husband of the same nationality, as a result of a personal dispute that broke out between them. Lubna hails from the town of Ghorish in Nablus, and she graduated in the Industrial Engineering Department in 2018 from the University of Science and Technology.

Uncover the crime mystery within two hours

According to a statement by the Sharjah Police, seen by Al, the Criminal Investigation and Investigation Department at the Sharjah Police General Command managed to uncover the mystery of the murder of a twenty-year-old Arab woman whose body was found in her car in one of the areas, and the perpetrator was arrested within two hours of Receipt of the notification.

He attacked her in the parking lot, and the cameras revealed him

The police indicated that after receiving a report coming from a woman to the operating room at exactly (03:15) in the evening of Friday, June 24, she said that her daughter had been kidnapped by a person known to them, and there were previous disputes between them.

The competent security services teams moved to the site of the communication to investigate the circumstances of the accident, and by examining the cameras at the site, it was found that the person attacked the woman in her car, which is in the parking lot of the building where she lives, and stabbed her several times, and fled in the victim’s car, She is with him in the car.

Monitoring the perpetrator’s movements after escaping towards the beach

In turn, Colonel Faisal bin Nassar, Deputy Director of the Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation, said that through the search and investigation procedures carried out by the search team, the victim’s car and body were found. He fled to hide from the police, where he was found on the beach hiding from the hands of justice. He indicated that during his interrogation, he confessed to killing the victim due to personal differences, and a case was registered against the perpetrator and referred to the Public Prosecution.

Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, explained that the rapid identification of the offender in record time, and his arrest, provides evidence of the progress that the police forces have become, their efficiency and ability to face all challenges that can stand in the way of detecting crimes or finding their perpetrators. .