160 kg MMA fighter falls unconscious after being hit in a slapping contest (VIDEO)


29 oct 2021 10:12 GMT

The contest was held in the Polish city of Wroclaw and offered a prize of more than $ 13,000.

The Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter Wagner da Conceicao Martins was knocked out in one hit at a slapping event in Poland.

The fighter, known as ‘Zuluzinho’, 43, faced Pole Karol ‘Bula’ Flilasinki, who slapped him with such force that he collapsed unconscious.

A video shared on the networks shows the moment in which ‘Bula’ hits the Brazilian fighter, who weighs almost 160 kilos, and he falls to the ground despite being assisted by two tournament security guards.

Just before being knocked out, ‘Zuluzinho’ had dealt a good blow to his opponent, who somehow recovered and slapped him back.

The contest, developed in the city of Wroclaw and of which the Polish Dawid Zalewski was the winner, offered a prize of more than $ 13,000.