162 Health Workers in Majalengka Positive for Covid

MAJALENGKA–Hundreds of Health Workers (Nakes) in Majalengka Regency, West Java, were also exposed to Covid-19. They are currently in self-isolation.

The secretary of the Majalengka District Health Office, Agus Susanto, explained that the hundreds of health workers who were exposed to Covid-19 mostly worked at the Puskesmas and at the hospital.

“There are 162 health workers in Majalengka Regency who have been exposed to Covid-19. As a result, currently these health workers cannot treat Covid-19 patients, because they are undergoing self-isolation,” said Agus Susanto, Saturday (26/6/2021).

According to Agus, of the 162 health workers who were confirmed positive for Covid-19, 97 of them consisted of health workers working at the Puskesmas, Majalengka Hospital, 30 people and Cideres Hospital, as many as 35 people.

“Almost all health workers who have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus have undergone the first dose of vaccination,” he said.

He admitted that the vaccination target for health workers had exceeded the target. Namely, as many as 4,384 people or 102 percent in the first dose.

“However, for the second dose of Covid-19 vaccination, only 4,019 people or 93.62 percent were followed, because as many as 97 people or 2.25 percent were postponed and as many as 29 people could not be given the Covid-19 vaccine, phase two,” he explained.

News Source: rri.co.id