17 stars for the green: Nacional won the final against Tolima and is champion

Atlético Nacional is the new champion of Colombian professional football. The Antioquia team lost 2-1 against Deportes Tolima in Ibagué, but defeated the pijaos 4-3 on aggregate and secured their 17th star.

The Purslane did not play their best game, but they were able to withstand Tolima’s push, which, after missing a penalty in the second half and suffering the expulsion of Daniel Cataño, fell apart.

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The author of the championship goal was Jarlan Barrera, who, in a set piece, scored the stoppage time in stoppage time.

With 17 stars, Nacional is confirmed as the most successful team in Colombian soccer and has already won two championships from Millonarios and América de Cali.

National is champion once again! The game is over in Ibagué and the purslane added their star number 17.

National goal on time


Jarlan Barrera did it in replacement time. Something that serves Nacional to secure the championship.

Minute 80 (Tolima 2-0 National): Last minutes of the final. Tolima, who was vastly superior, lost control of the match after Cataño’s expulsion. For now, there are penalties.

Goal disallowed for Atlético Nacional

Minute 69 (Tolima 2-0 National): Dorlan Pabón had scored the discount that gave Nacional the championship, but Jefferson Duque’s goal was annulled for being out of place.

Minute 56 (Tolima 2-0 National): After the penalty that Daniel Cataño missed, the VAR reviewed the rebound play in which the Tolima player hit the Nacional goalkeeper in a game action and the referee expelled the pijao midfielder. controversial decision.

Penalty for Tolima: covered Mier

Kevin Mier dressed as a hero and covered a penalty against Daniel Cataño that the VAR had given to Tolima.

Last 45 minutes in play

The second part began. Tolima wins 2-0 and the aggregate is tied 3-3. The champion is defined in the last 45 minutes.

The first part is over

The first part ended. Tolima wins 2-0 and, for the moment, with the overall 3-3, forces the definition from penalties.

Tolima tied on aggregate

Minute 35 (Tolima 2-0 National): Goooooooooooooooooooooooooal from Tolima, who already tied the series against Atlético Nacional.

The Antioquians had reacted to the first hit and at their best they scored the second. The goal was made by Juan Fernando Caicedo. The series goes 3-3. Everything starts again.

Minute 27 (Tolima 1-0 National): Atlético Nacional settled into the game. After a voracious start and an early goal, Tolima slowed down. Now the purslane dominate and arrive with danger in the local area.

Minute 27 (Tolima 1-0 National): Atletico Nacional reacts. Jefferson Duque crashed a ball into the post, after Tolima’s absolute dominance in the first half hour of play.

Tolima scores and takes advantage

Minute 17 (1-0): Goooooooooooooooooal from Tolima. At first they had awarded it to Junior Hernández, but he was an own goal by Emanuel Olivera. Despite their partial defeat in Ibagué, the aggregate is 3-2 in favor of Nacional.

Andrés Felipe Ibargüen leaves the pitch due to injury. Luis Miranda entered. Tolima has just lost one of its main figures.

Minute 11 (0-0): Tolima close to scoring through a shot by Rodrigo Ureña, but saved by Kevin Mier.

Tolima started more aggressive than Nacional and has him in his area. The locals are looking for an early goal that allows them to dream of a comeback. They need two goals to force, at least, penalties.

It is already played in Ibagué! Tolima and Nacional tied goalless. The Antioquians have the advantage, after 3-1 in the first leg in Medellín.

Deportes Tolima and Atlético Nacional are already on the field of the Manuel Murillo Toro Stadium. In minutes the game begins.

There are only 30 minutes left before the game starts in Ibagué. The teams finish the warm-up. In Medellin there is a party atmosphere.

This is how the Deportes Tolima bus entered the Manuel Murillo Toro for the second leg of the BetPlay League final.

This is how Atlético Nacional entered the Manuel Murillo Toro stadium for the final of the BetPlay League.

The team coaches

The parallel careers, as soccer players and coaches, of Hernán Torres and Hernán Darío Herrera. Each one with his style has managed to give identity to his team. One of them will be crowned champion and will be a prophet in his land.

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Who will be the champion?

There are minutes left before the final match of the BetPlay League begins. We analyze live the chances of pijaos and purslane to win the championship.

Tolima vs. Nacional live: the Colombian professional soccer champion is defined | The viewer

This is how the local will come out, which is looking for a comeback in Ibagué, for the return leg of the first semester final.

This will be the eleven for Atlético Nacional to maintain the 3-1 lead they achieved in Medellín.

At an exact time, the return match between Atlético Nacional and Deportes Tolima will begin in Ibagué. 7:00 pm is the agreed time.

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